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Chakpori Hill -YaoWang Mountain  

Located on the right side of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Chakpori Hill has an altitude of 3,725 meters. There is a small road to the summit. Inside is a medicinal king Buddha statue with sapphire, so the Tibet people also called it the Yaowang Mountain.

Chakpori Hill is opposite to the Potala Palace and is the best location for the photograph of the Potala Palace, especially on the mountainside. In the early morning of Chakpori Hill, it is often seen that some photographers gather and wait for the first light to illuminate the Potala Palace. Behind Chakpori Hill, there is the famous Wanfo Wall in Lhasa as well as many people who have carved Mani Stone nearby. You can find it from a small road to the east of the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

1 Brief Introduction

Location: on the right side of the Potala Palace in Lhasa

Covers an area:27 square meters

Level: 3725 meters

Visit time: 7:00~19:00. on landscape table

2 Legend of Chakpori Hill

There is a cave-style small temple on the east side of Chakpori Hill. It is a unique cave temple, which located on the steep mountainside of Chakpori Hill. According to legend, the cliff on top of it is the place where Princess Wencheng pray to the east when she missed her hometown.

This cave in Chakpori Hill was built by Songtsan Gambo, who is the first king of Tibet. According to legend, Songtsan Gambo carved Brahma statue on the cliff of Charalup。 He used the salt that was very rarely in Tibet at that time as a reward for artisans, dig a famous kora road in a cave. After more than a thousand years of ups and downs, the rare caves in the Lhasa are still intact.

The grotto has an irregular rectangular shape with an area of about 27 square meters. There is a central column at the entrance, then there is a narrow kora road between the center column and the cave wall. There are 69 stone statues on the rock wall. On the north side are the statues of Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng, the Princess Chizhun. The light in the cave is dim, and the butter lamp is used for lighting. If you go to see, don’t forget to take the leadlight.

3 The history of Chakpori Hill

The ruins of Chakpori Hill today is originally College of Medicine because of its religious nature, it is also called Yaowang Temple. Sakyamuni can cure all diseases, and it is said that the drug king is an incarnation of Master Sakyamuni. This ancient study has been circulating for more than 1,000 years since the emergence of Tibetan medicine in the Tubo dynasty.

In the 7th century, when Princess Wencheng was married to Tubo, she brought Chinese culture from the Tang Dynasty. After that, Princess Jincheng married Tubo and took the medical book《Yuewang Drug Clinic》, which gradually integrated some theories and methods of Chinese medicine into Tibetan medicine.

In the 8th century, the famous Yutuo Gongbu went to India to study medicine and inherited the development of Chinese medicine and Indian medicine, and then, wrote a book called<the four medical records>. Yaowang Temple gradually concentrated on a group of knowledgeable Tibetan doctors. The scholars who came here made this small temple flourish.

After the 1960s, the Tibetan doctors who belonged to Yaowang Temple merged with Menkekang and became the current Tibetan hospital.

4 Tips for visiting Chakpori Hill

1) To visit Chakpori Hill, you will inevitably be going up and down, so it is recommended to wear flat shoes.

2) Besides, Lhasa has a high altitude to avoid excessive exercise and pay attention to prevent altitude sickness.

3) Almost the photos of the Potala Palace with the two white towers on the left are from this. In the early morning, Chakpori Hill is often overcrowded for one reason—to photograph the Potala Palace bathed in the morning. So if you love photography and like to join it, it is recommended to get up early and take a good place.

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